Research and Technological Development

Rotorwing UAV

As a technology demonstrator platform we operate small co-axial rotor helicopter platform, used primarily for testing of new flight guidance & control logic and flight laws.

Our main aerial platform under development is helicopter type UAV in configurations of 300kg, 150 kg and 75 kg MTOW class respectively, with propulsion based on UAV specific high-end rotary ICE. Designed endurance is 5 hours with 25 - 90 kg range of payload at altitude of 10,000ft. Design of this VTOL UAV includes co-axial rotor technology, which has the resistance to high wind conditions, and has high lift-to-weight ratio over conventional helicopter type UAV. Current and forthcoming certification criteria for UAV are incorporated into design.

Some of the UAV safety features

  • Fully automated flight guidance & control system
  • Autonomous selection of safe landing sites
  • Auto-rotation flight mode
  • Flight envelope protection system

  • Prototype maiden flight target in 12/2016

    Automatic Flight Management, Guidance & Control Systems

    We are designing highly automated, fail-safe flight Management, Guidance & Control system supporting full autonomous operation of UAV. Both terrestrial (terrain & obstacles) and aerial (manned and unmanned aircraft; cooperative and non-cooperative air traffic) intelligent Detect-and-Avoid capabilities allow high risk operations such as BLOS and BRLOS and those in non-segregated airspace. Design of the system incorporates forthcoming UAS specific MOPSs through its open and scalable architecture.

    AFMGCS prototype demonstration target in 03/2016