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Aerial Inspection & Monitoring by UAS

EntaQ is introducing completely automated and semi-automated aerial inspection & monitoring services by UAS using sensors covering EM spectrum in VIS, IR and UV bands.

Our aerial inspection & monitoring services are based on integrated ecosystem which allows completely automation of those services in competitive and adaptable way. Thus, as a result of automated chain within this integrated ecosystem is completely processed data in near real-time are available to the end use, in form allowing users to apply their decisions immediately as processed data are available. This approach to service provision is more advanced than current competitive solutions, where raw data are captured and provided to end users for further processing. The key element of our integrated ecosystem is cloud based remote sensing data processing, where we have implemented modular and scalable algorithms for automated processing of remote sensing data, uploaded by the aerial platform in real or near real-time. The automated output of this ecosystem’s element is information in user’s preferable form (i.e. maps, reports with graphic depiction, numeric data, or layered georeferenced imagery for change tracking), while raw and processed data are possible to simultaneously load to the user’s GIS for example. Within our integrated ecosystem, upon client’s request we are able to integrate any new remote sensing sensor (i.e. gamma-ray detector), integrate it in automated data processing chain and define suitable end-user processed data form. What distinguishes our aerial inspection & monitoring services from competitors is fully automated operations, involving human in oversight role in the complete chain, from acquisition to processed data.

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 Industrial inspections

We provide ad-hoc & long-term industrial inspections services using UAS operating VNIR, LWIR & UV sensors. We deliver  pre & fully processed data-sets customized per client's requirements.

 Airport Obstacles Assessment & Control

State-of-the-art geodetic survey grade obstacle assessment & control by UAS is offered, allowing airport authorities, air navigation service providers and companies planning to build objects (i.e windmills, buildings, etc.) within ICAO Annex 15 Area 2 (45 km radius or Terminal Area), Area 3 (Aerodrome Area), or Area 4 (Cat II & Cat III operations area). Obstacle control within these areas is legally bound to airports authorities who also give their consent to building permit for the companies.


Database Maintenance

 UAS Operations Consulting

Our company offers over a decade of experience in various image processing and computer vision domains, such as video analysis, stereo vision, pattern recognition, and radar, thermal, hyperspectral and optical remote sensing applications from airborne or satellite-based platforms.

In the field of aeronautics, our expertise in Air Traffic Management and operational civil & military flying experience assures fast and efficient implementation of UAV operations.

We provide consulting services in area of safety management of UAS operations and integration of UAS in ATM and civil airspace.

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